Our Values

1) The Time is Now

A journey of well-being can be restarted and reassessed at any time in one's life. Knowing that self-awareness is a constant 'itch of the mind' is half the battle - as meta as that seems. In order to become aware enough to identify the importance of understanding one's self, barriers must be broken and a vast landscape of curiosity must be traipsed. While we all can appreciate the importance of a clutter-free home, many forget to recognize the power of a tidy mind. Simplicity paves the way for positive thinking. Order breeds systems. Clarity fosters self-confidence. No matter where we are on our own personal journeys, let us always be reminded that self-discovery is fluid and never-ending. This means that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you're going through in your life, the practice of better understanding one's self is an open invitation that only requires the intention to learn. Nucleus is designed to assist in this process at any point. We aspire for our technologies to be accessible to all and their features to be simple enough for anyone to benefit from. Log in, search our data, read our content, take a course, or journal your progress. All of these tools were crafted to serve as a guide for you at any point during your self-discovery journey.

2) Capture Your Data

Having reliable data available can optimize for better decision-making. Additionally, keeping a journal is one of the best companions on the journey back to self. Nucleus is a platform offering on-ramps to many data points that can assist both individuals and organizations. We believe data unlocks the clarity required for any journey. Data paves a clearer path. Data maximizes outcomes. When it comes to data, the importance of quality can never be overstated. Verified and trustworthy scientific and health data can be hard to come by. Furthermore, the types of high-quality datasets that can be studied and referenced on an ongoing basis are invaluable. At Nucleus, we recognize that what is known as 'the truth' can change for many reasons over time. That's why we pride ourselves and our platform around data integrity and stress our attention to detail when it comes to data upkeep and data hygiene. After all, no one wants stale or misleading data. That's also why we support a user-centric ecosystem for data collection. Crowdsourcing answers from well-intentioned contributors can often lead to statistically significant results faster and more inclusively. That's why Nucleus offers journaling as a supplement to our overall member experience; and why our platform invites submissions, third-party verifications, and revision requests openly from anyone. We want to support a world that emphasizes self-reported data and optimizes around all the ways humanity can leverage that data. We're working toward a future that empowers contributors with not just intelligence and insights around their own data, but that also provides them with more opportunities to help themselves and others.

3) Always Be Curious

The best way to expand one’s mind is to maintain a curiosity and openness to learning. At Nucleus, we follow the trail of thoughts that lead to the possible. Wherever that leads, we trust the learning process and forfeit ourselves to it as often as we can. This allows us to endlessly chase down the impossible by building the mechanisms that make them feel more attainable. For those that journey through our ecosystem, that same insatiable curiosity should guide their way. When the mind surrenders to the process known as self-discovery, there can be few to no distractions. It's that pure and direct connection with thyself that illuminates the path forward. When the mind is open to new information, it becomes malleable in ways that expand upon its known capabilities. Failing to comprehend that every body and mind evolves into becoming more mature and wiser with time is an ironic catastrophe all humans should strive to avoid at all costs. The Nucleus ecosystem will always evolve with your journey - for it is innately curious and learning as it goes as well. As an organization, we strive to build and maintain a learning culture. Those of us that board the Nucleus ship pledge ourselves to a mission much greater than any single one of us. We recognize that we all can learn from each other - regardless of the situation and circumstance. Most importantly, we never fixate on right and wrong. Instead, we quantify value around the contributions we make toward our mission of helping as many people as possible.

4) Have Compassion

Compassion starts with self-love, which should be shared with all. Self-aware humans possess three very important characteristics during their journey. The first component is identity. This represents who you believe you are. And while there isn't one single or correct answer, this is where the ego plays its natural role. Secondly, we already shared the importance of openness. Through curiosity, we are afforded the courage to even board a ship for this type of journey. It's curiosity that opens the heart and mind to crucial new experiences. Finally, the third characteristic during mindful self-discovery comes in the form of compassion. When we find the means to care for ourselves, we tend to affect those around us with that same love. Compassion is a tender gift to be shared with all. That's why we as a company embody a similar mindset. We do so in hopes to spread the contagion known as love directly to everyone Nucleus interacts with, then throughout their networks, and further beyond to the universe at large.

5) The Cosmic Perspective

Cell awareness comes after self-awareness. Some of our favorite astrophysicists have enlightened us on what it means to observe the world with a 'cosmic perspective.' This can be summed up through the simple understanding that all living things are sharing one planet and that we are all more similar than we are different. Furthermore, the elements making up human life are the same that make up planet Earth. Thus, it can be argued that we ARE the Earth. As humans embark on their own well-being journeys, the axes of awareness expand. While that circle broadens, we can begin to transcend our physical bodies and unite our internal chemistry with that of the planet's. That's why we believe in 'cell awareness.' It's the most profound acceptance that our individual physical insignificance in such a vast universe is actually our greatest asset. In other words, the ability to form bonds with those around us allow us to connect with others at deeper levels and accomplish much more than we might be able to on our own.

6) Stillness

When under stress, stop and think. Mindfulness and meditation can be used as medication. With Nucleus, we believe we can start a movement around stillness. The body and mind at peaceful rest is a liberating phenomenon everyone should embrace. This type of stillness can only come from a calm mindset consisting of patience and acceptance. Our organization, and each of the individuals representing it, embody stillness through our long-term outlook of the future. We recognize that change simply can not happen overnight, and thus, will remain patient yet focused on our collective mission. It's through our just cause that we pursue our idealistic vision of a future that may take decades to only partially realize. Our stillness as a company will only come in one flavor, however. As we scale, it is our duty to always remain agile and to evolve with the ever-changing environments around us. The industries we operate within will inevitably change. However, our commitment to our ecosystem, its members, and fulfilling our mission will never waver.

7) Psychedelics

Psychedelic medicines will transform and reinvigorate our mental health. Nucleus is a beacon of hope built upon the foundation of transformative medicines and treatments. We firmly believe the power of grossly underutilized psychedelic compounds have the ability to alter the way we combat mental and emotional illnesses. Whether it's depression, PTSD, anxiety, addiction, or many of the other surrounding indications that plague our society, there is a psychedelic medicine currently being tested for it. These tests and clinical trials are still uncovering new insights and opportunities every day. Nucleus's position during the macro-adoption process is threefold. (a) Educate the masses on the data (the truth); (b) Support an infrastructure that makes these treatments more accessible to all (affordability, discoverability, and reliability); (c) Collaborate with any and all participants within the industry to amplify their voice, distribute their offering, or enrich their data. It's worth mentioning that we also believe that psychedelics can be used as a supplement for enriching the mind and enhancing one's capabilities. As microdosing grows in popularity, Nucleus aspires to offer similar support and resources, of which can legally be administered. Our ecosystem was built to capture data across all use cases, and all we will remain steadfast and agnostic in our support for any treatments that prove to positively impact mental well-being.

8) Trust

Trust - in the self, the practitioners, the protocols, and the process - is the most critical piece to the healing and self-discovery processes. Throughout the journey back to self, it's common to question or doubt the process. We've heard it all - (a) why do I need this? (b) what if this doesn't work for me? (c) what if I'm not good enough for this? None of the above questions require an answer during the journey. Why? Because these questions originate from a place of skepticism. It's this doubt that will disassemble your entire ship. You should first trust that YOU can do it. Then you can turn to Nucleus's data and marketplace to fully trust the treatments that suit you best. Once you trust yourself and the process, it will be our job to ensure you can trust the people you'll meet and experiences you'll have.

9) You Own Your Health

A user-owned internet will yield the need for a user-owned health record. At Nucleus, we believe in a future that gives power and control to individuals. That's why our ecosystem is built to store your health data on the blockchain. And why our community is structured as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). That's also we promise to never intercept or use your data in any way. Your well-being is yours to own. We know there is strength in propeling that notion to the forefront. One of our longer-term beliefs is that healthcare as we know it will change. As that process plays out, the best defense against the pains of transformation is self-governance. In other words, if you document, understand, and attach your health data to you on your own, you have no reason to ever doubt what's true. That's because your health record can be stored on the blockchain and can never be disputed. On top of that, the mobility of overseeing your own decentralized data source allows you to more freely move to another health plan or switch doctors.

10) Reconstructing the System

Blockchains, DAOs, and shared communities have the ability to shift the economics of healthcare over time. Nucleus is a community-first organization. This essentially means that we aspire to be governed by the members that allow us to serve them. While Nucleus as a company may not be structured to support that directly, we have built open-source technologies, invested into the blockchain, and launched a DAO known as Particles. Doing the right thing for our organization is synonymous with doing what's best for those that operate with and/or alongside us. That's why we go out of our way to optimize for accessibility, inclusivity, and generosity. We aspire to provide an endless number of seats at an endless number of tables. Belonging belongs everywhere. We can't stress the importance of community in what we are building. We won't be able to destigmatize the medicines we support without broadcasters spreading the word. We won't be able to provide educational content without a diverse array of talented writers with unique perspectives. We won't be able to offer trustworthy data without the feedback of many. The list goes on and on. Fast forward to the future and we will undoubtedly be operating within a reimagined healthcare framework. We may not know exactly what it will look like today, but if it prioritizes individuals, promotes empowerment, includes a broader set of options, and favors self-discovery over traditional pharmaceuticals, we'll all be better off. Through it all, Nucleus will be here with you at the center.

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