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A Brand

Nucleus was built to represent the many meanings behind space. Space is what we need to for ourselves. It’s where we collect our thoughts. It’s also how we align with the cosmos as we take part in our individual journeys across this universe.

A Constellation

Nucleus is an ecosystem consisting of numerous brands. With a focus ranging from mental health assessments all the way to psychedelic medicines, the companies that make up the constellation are stronger together.

A Technology

We built Eukarya to be the connective tissue for all of the assets within our ecosystem. Whether it’s our search engine, booking engine, data aggregator, or machine learning components, Eukarya helps us deliver value efficiently to all participants.

An Application

Nucleus is a user-first application that stores health assessments and session data in a database owned solely by the participant. With connectors to health records and the blockchain, the application has the opportunity to add many layers of intelligence on top of the infrastructure we’re presenting to all stakeholders.

A Family

We’re a caring and compassionate team of human beings that are working toward helping as many people as possible. Our team extends out to everyone we interact with. We lead with love and we hope our orbit expands to touch even more family members as we grow.

A Community

We understand the power of connection. Without a true sense of belonging, humans must battle through loneliness. That’s why we created the Particles community. It’s our gift to the future of well-being.

A Matchmaker

At Nucleus, we don’t want to get in the way of someone’s self-discovery journey. Instead, we want to educate journeyers by highlighting those practitioners that do great consistent work in their field.

A Bridge

As humans continue to understand the power of mindfulness and meditation, we’re looking ahead at how we can bridge the gap between the now and the future. That future, from our perspective, consists of transformative treatments and psychedelic medicines.

A Future

We’re optimists. We see a future where everyone is given the skills necessary to connect with the best versions of themselves.

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