An ecosystem powering well-being with data and connection.

We build tools and platforms that power and service the future of care.
We use technology to mine data, provide insights, and educate the world.
We bridge the models of today with the more efficient systems of tomorrow.

Find your therapy.
Find your patients. Find yourself.

Our psychedelics platform allows you to connect directly with the practitioner of your choice. 

Clear data to build the future of

Neuly is a data platform for entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, scientists, educators, policy makers, and anyone interested in the world of mental health.

Unparalleled Psychedelic Investing Data and Analysis

Psychedelic Invest is a resource for those looking to invest in the burgeoning
psychedelic industry.

Launch Your Career in Psychedelics

Matter Academy is equipping professionals with the certifications and training they
need in the world of alternative therapies.

Helping our Partners Destigmatize Transformative Medicines.

Psyrise is the world’s fastest growing marketing partner for holistic wellness practitioners and life science organizations.


Particles is a community building the future of well-being.

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